Dogs"Dogs, of all animals in the world, will forgive you the most mistakes. That's one of the reasons why so many contradictory dog training methods can coexist, and all of them finally achieve the goal somehow." Karen Pryor, one of the greatest personalities of modern animal training, once said these words to me. And I would like to add another truth I am convinced of: The dog is, at the same time, the most complicated of all animals in the issue of motivation - while wild animals work mainly for food, the dog often holds the relation to the human and the human satisfaction first. Even in case of a number of problematic behaviours, the dogs probably believe that their owner wishes them. That's why we never should reduce the dog training only to treats, ignoring their need of "being on friendly terms with the owner", given by thousands of years of artificial selection.

We have been involved in work for dog fanciers since 2012 within workshops and practical lessons. We have dealt with many different curiosities - a dog that feared wet grass, agility dogs driving other dogs away from the course, fear of bicycles, of show referees and of other dogs. We have trained such peculiarities like "sit" on the owner's shoulder, somersault, lowering the tail under the body line on command, as well as one of the strangest, yet very often problems - how to explain a border collie that now it is really not asked to do anything.  It is a great fun and we enjoy it very much.

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