Parrots and other animals

Parrots and other animalsAfter dogs and horses, i.e. animals with long history of artificial selection for character, compliance and readiness to cooperate, people share their life also with less compliant animals. Cat, parrot, ferret, rabbit, minipig, hamster or aquarium fish - all these animals, although having produced many colours and races during the years in human care, don't live their life for their owner. Similarly to their cousins in the wild, they first need to fulfil their own needs, and the human opinion and satisfaction are by far not the main thing to them.

Well, the positive reinforcement training is just perfect for such animals. If you know how to apply it correctly, you will be amazed by how smart a pig is, how quickly a cat learns or what a parrot is able to understand. You only have to stick to the general principles of the method, respecting the peculiarities of every species. You must bear in mind that the parrot, like most birds, relies on its sight even more than the human, while the ferret orientates mainly by its smell and hearing. That a slight clicking of the clicker can constitute a part of the reward to one, while to the other, with better hearing, it may be a horrifying explosion and end of the training. In short, we always must try to see the situation through the animal eyes, but solve it by our head - and then it will do well.

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