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Through workshops, practical trainings, articles and books, we propagate the positive reinforcement animal training methodology. We try not to come to a standstill and continuously seek new and better methods to make the coexistence of people and their charges optimal to both parties and to achieve the demands imposed by human on animals through dialogue and understanding instead of pressure and drill.

František Šusta

František Šusta
RNDr. František Šusta, PhD. (born on 31. 1. 1976 in the town of Kutná Hora); he has been working as Animal Training Specialist in the Prague Zoo between 2008-2017.  He was the first Czech to become member of the Animal Behaviour Management Alliance and International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association. In 2016, as holder of five different ABMA awards, he became the holder of the historically largest collection of awards granted by that worldwide association of professional animal trainers (Training Achievement Award, 2011 – on the topic of training of wild equines, Wellspring Award, 2011 – reduction of monotonous bad habit of polar bear, Travel Scholarship Award, 2011 – on the topic of training of wild equines, Best Poster Award, 2014 – new methodology of work with stress in animals, Travel Scholarship Award, 2016 - education of trainers, workshop With your animal here and now).

Before starting his career of animal trainer in the zoo, he had founded the Zaobzor o.s. association in 2007, to propagate dog-fancier education at schools. Since 2012, he has been leading workshops and practical lessons particularly for dog, horse and parrot owners interested in positive reinforcement training.

He is the author of three books: "Training is dialogue ... in which your dog also has a say" (2014), "Training is in head - yours and also animal´s" (2016), "I do not know another animal like dog is " (2017). His books became bestsellers in the Czech Republic. Translations of some important chapters you can find in Free Download section. František has also written dozens of professional, scientific and popularizing articles as well. He has created two innovative and recognized methodologies – Index of Balance (IB) for group behaviours and Stress Triangle.



Rozárka (true name Bonie Staffworld) was born on 25.12. 2006 in Stračov in the Staffworld breeding kennel. She is a representative of the Staffordshire Bullterrier race, and she is a credit to her race. These dogs are called "nanny dogs" in their British homeland, due to their love to people and benevolence to children. Rozárka also links her life to children. In late 2007, she passed the canistherapy exam, and has made hundreds of performances for schools and other audiences, for more than 14 000 children since.

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